NeurOp, Inc. has selected NP10679 as a development candidate for the prevention of ischemic damage and its consequences in persons receiving surgical treatment for subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH). NP10679 is a GluN2B subunit-specific modulator designed to work at the site of ischemic insult.

NeurOp has begun late-stage preclinical development studies with this candidate with the goal to file an IND in 2015.

This news follows the publication of related research by NeurOp’s director of drug discovery, Scott J. Myers, Ph.D., in collaboration with a number of other scientists. In February, Neurocritical Care published their paper entitled “pH-Sensitive NMDA Inhibitors Improve Outcome in a Murine Model of SAH.”

The manuscript demonstrates that the use of a pH-dependent NMDA antagonist has the potential to work selectively in areas of ischemia known to undergo acidic pH shifts, which occur during SAH. Because of their regional selectivity, these NMDA antagonists may also be associated with fewer behavioral side effects than non-selective NMDA antagonists.

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